Manito is committed to being a quality organization. Quality for us means we understand that learning occurs through the development of meaningful relationships. We also teach individual and social responsibility and we set high standards for achievement and performance for students, customers and staff.​ We are a learning organization dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation.         


"Our purpose is to create relationships and learning                                         experiences that make a difference."

About Us

Our Vision
"It is the vision of Manito that we are the leaders in providing quality community-based educational, prevention, and therapeutic services for children, youth, and their families. We will do this through developing and providing innovative services and creatively developing partnerships."


To develop and/or provide quality and innovative services to people with psychosocial, educational, and vocational needs, creating an enhanced quality of life and social responsibility.

Manito: A Safe, Caring, and Fun Place

Manito Inc. is a private, non-profit 501.C.3 corporation. We were founded in 1979 as a social service and education organization. Our primary focus has always been providing holistic and educational services to adolescents who are experiencing behavior, school, and community challenges. Our services have expanded into the delivery of Behavior Health and Adventure Challenge services and geographically into 13 Pennsylvania counties and 1 county in West Virginia. We remain committed to continuously striving to expand our program services and to be innovative in the delivery of these services to meet the needs of both clients and customers.

Mission Statement